Chess Game and Diagram Viewer

After a search for a suitable chess game viewer which was the initial goal of this website I started to create a new Chess Game Viewer. These efforts have resulted in both a Chess diagram viewer as well as a Chess game viewer.
The code for these viewers is still under development, but both can already be used. A link back to this site is appreciated.

If you want to use these viewers first have a look at how to configure the FEN viewer. If everything works fine then configure the Chess game viewer.
Please note that it isn't necessary to use the coded moves anymore, because the viewer is able to generate them, but you can still use them to improve performance (and for complex games).

The game viewer can be used for chess games, but also for chess puzzles, like a mate in two problem and it is possible to use NAG symbols.
It's also rather easy to configure the viewers. You can use your own chess board images or your own piece set.
It is possible to host everything on your own site even if you use blogspot. The previous two non-photo posts explain how to use the images uploaded by blogspot and how you can include the JavaScript in your own template.

Please have a look at some of the previous posts to get a better idea about the possibilities of these viewers and let me know if you have more unfulfilled wishes.

  • Hi really like your FEN viewer. Excuse my ignorance but I can't seem to figure out how to get text around the diagram. Am I missing something silly. Your help would be appreciated.

  • Please note the difference between the FEN viewer and the Game viewer on this site.

    At the moment it isn't possible to get text around the diagram with the FEN viewer. You can use the Game viewer for this kind of things.

    However it will be rather easy for me to also add this to the FEN viewer.

  • Game viewer! Hello, we previously had contact, I am using game viewer on I recently published a commented game, but some of the variations are wrong because the pieces do not move where they should. Could you have a look at this post?

    Could it be that there are too many comments? Or could it be something else? See for example the (9...Ne4 !?) moment when the knight stays on f6. Thanks in advance!

  • @rauan0company
    I have looked at this post and saw the problem. I will try to solve it in a future version. In the meantime I suggest to also use the coded moves (as generated by Palview) for these complex games.

  • A new version has been published that solves the mentioned problem.

  • Hi! After you released the new version, the old version published games stopped working. So, did you post how to re-configure to have the latest version? If not, could you post the instructions somewhere? I had a quick look around and did not find anything. Thanks a bunch!

  • @rauan0company
    I'll see that you use your own domain to store the gv.js file.
    In order to use the new version you only have to replace this file with the new one.

  • Oh yes indeed, I was using a local gv.js file, you are right. Now I am using your link directly, so that the gv.js file is always up to date! And this also facilitates debugging for you! So ... with the latest version ... the script gets stuck on line 192:

    {A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

    Script: ...gv.js:192}

    Could you have a look at this? Thanks a bunch. (

  • I tried to have a look, but I was unable to load the site.

  • Mhm. I think this is because some browsers simply fail to load the page, while firefox reports that the script is not loading and asks whether to stop the script or to continue the script. Probably this chess game I uploaded is just too complicated and this somehow overloads the java script. This is my best guess.

  • It's just that I haven't tested the new script thoroughly enough :-(

    I have undone the changes and will try to improve the code generation.

    For complex games I advise to use the coded moves from palview.

  • I think that the problem has been solved and hope that I didn't introduce new problems. It seems that the current version has no problems with the complex game on your site, but for complex games I still advice to use the coded moves.

  • Hi

    I really like this viewer, and would like to share a couple of things I came across, just in case it helps others.

    When initially entering a game, I found moves were printed in black text at the bottom of the game, and the game stopped at a certain point. I also found a game that stopped at a certain point and showed the move in green text. Both of these were resolved by the same trick - specfiying the source square fully (eg N5h4 had to be specified as Nf5-h4).

    If you could offer some advice ona problem I'm having now with promoted pieces, I'd be very grateful. Please see The game plays fine up until move 45, when it just stops. I can't see anything wrong with the move.


  • @Graham
    It was a bug and I have solved it.
    You can see on your site that now everything is OK.

    However the code generation is still not very robust. To be sure you can use the coded moves generated by PalView.

  • Brilliant. Thanks!


  • I also had a problem: with rooks on f1 and d2, Rdd1 was still interpreted as if it were Rfd1. R2d1 did not help, I had to enter Rd2-d1 to make it work.

  • @Jan Krans
    Can you provide a link to the problem game?

  • See White's 23th move. I do not have the means (no Windows computer) to produce the Palview coded moves, so this is what happens to the PGN.

  • @Jan Krans

    I think that both R2d1 as well as Rdd1 can be used now.
    I still have to review the knight moves.

  • Thank you! It looks good, and it really important for me to be able to work without the Palview codes moves.

  • Hi!

    I think I got the Game viewer to work (, and now I need to enter the games :) Is there any way to add comments after moves, and variations? All so it looks "natural"?

  • Yes, gives you an indication of some of the possibilities. You are able to use html within the comments. The used code of the smothered mate example can be found in