Using another board image

It is possible to use another board image, by just assigning the location of this image to the brdimg variable.

This is demonstrated in the following example game between Alexander Mc Donnell and Louis Charles Mahe de la Bourdonnais, that has been played in 1834.

In the example above I have used brdimg=pcsdir+'wood29.jpg';
instead of wood29.jpg you may prefer to use another board image like:
  • blue29.jpg
  • borderline29.gif
  • cowderoy29.jpg
  • gray29.jpg
  • graystone29.jpg
  • green29.jpg
  • ivorygreen29.jpg
  • lightestgray29.jpg
  • lightgray29.jpg
  • marblebrown29.jpg
  • rob29.jpg
  • sepia29.jpg
  • slatebrown29.jpg
  • wood29.jpg
but it is rather easy to create you own background image and just point brdimg to this url.

Two more attention points:
  1. If you always want to use another board image then add this javascript statement to your template.
  2. If you only want to use it for one board then don't forget to set it back at the end of the javascript code in the post