Other chess pieces

It is rather easy to use another set of chess pieces with this JavaScript Chess Game Viewer. In the next diagram I have used the Linares set, but you can use each of the Palview Chess sets, by just directing the pdir variable to the right location.
The easiest way to do this for the linares set is by adding the following line


but instead of linares you can also use: kingdom, alpha, boldlinares, leipzig, tilburg or merida.

If you want to use the same chess set all the time just add this line to your template. If you want to use it for a single board in a post then add it to the post.
Currently it isn't possible to use different chess sets for re-playable games on a single page, but it will be rather easy to implement this functionality if there is a real need for this. For static boards (by means of the FEN Viewer) each board already can use it's own chess set.

Linares on a blue chess board

Some other combinations can be found on the ViewChessGame site.