From Pages to Sites

Google is no longer accepting new sign-ups for Page Creator because they have shifted their focus to Google Sites
Google sites offers many of the capabilities of Page Creator, but seems to miss storage of HTML and JavaScript files.
This means that one of the most interesting ways to publish chess games (as used in the post about some of the traps in the Sicilian Defence) had disappeared, though you may use another (free) site for your JavaScript files.

Maybe I have to learn how to write a chess viewer gadget, but since the original problem with the LT-PGN-Viewer had been fixed you may also use the LT-PGN-Viewer as demonstrated in this post about this PGN viewer.

  • Chess Teacher said:
    "Maybe I have to learn how to write a chess viewer gadget..."

    That’s exactly what I decided to do a while ago and I might be able to save some of your time.
    A lot of trying made me realize some aspects of google’s (so called) gadgets that aren’t obvious from their documentation.
    The thing about gadgets (or widgets) is that they are all meant to be outside of the post-content. They can reside in the header, footer, sidebar or even in-between posts but not inside them. In fact, there is already a widget (of type Blog) that handles the posts. That widget generates the entire content sections of the page. Ideally, we should be able to extend its functionality but since it doesn’t seem that we can nest one widget into another I eventually gave up on the idea. Of course, the whole Blog-widget could be re-written and then extended but I wasn’t attracted to such a “re-inventing the wheel” idea.

    Finally, gadgets are only relevant to google’s context and I didn’t want to restrict my project. There are many other blogging environments and a good solution should be as portable as possible.

  • At the moment I am using a Game viewer that can completely be integrated within a blogspot theme (without the need for external sites)

    See the configuration of the Blogspot Game Viewer and the previous post