LT-PGN Editor and Viewer

Instead of using ChessPasteBin it is possible to use the LT-PGN-Viewer directly. In this example post I pass the commands via url to
We are in control of the kind of chess pieces, the background color and the lay-out of the moves, comments and variations.

But there seems to be a problem with Firefox. See the next post.

Update 2:
The problem has been solved by the programmer of the LT-PGN-VIEWER. See his comments below this post.

  • Please, would you kindly inform me how you got this pgn viewer? I think this would be the ideal one for my blog. If you can tell me, please, leave your comment on my blog
    Thank you and congratulations for your chess blog.

  • I have left the requested comment on alberto's site.

    In case someone is looking for the same answer I have added this post to this blog.

  • The Firefox problem is fixed, it was a problem with access rights, the script could not test if a parent frame exists. It had no right to access the parent, because it was from another domain. I reprogrammed this part (just added one line code) and now it works.
    Lutz, programmer of

  • If you still have problems with firefox, then delete your cache, the old script file is probably still there.

  • @luta

    OK, thanks

    I will update the posts to mention that the problem has been fixed.

    This makes the LT-PGN Editor and Viewer the nicest way to publish chess games on a blogspot site.

  • hi chess teacher, how do we customize the square colors and the type of chess font we'd like to use, e.g merida@condal@figurine?