LT-PGN Firefox problem

It turned out that the moves in the previous post aren't visible within Firefox, so we have to adapt some things before we can use this method.

But I still think that this alternative looks very promising.

The problem has been solved as you can see in the previous posts.

  • I've problem now with firefox...
    Happy holidays,

  • Hi,
    I'm the programmer of the ltpgnviewer and stumbled upon your block. I was "shocked" that the example doesn't work in Firefox, so I investigated a bit and found ...
    that the problem seems to be caused by security restrictions of Firefox, because the src of the iframe is from another domain. When using the same domain for the main window and the iframe, then everything works fine also in Firefox, see here
    So to get it working with FF, either copy the script+images to your blogger domain, or if this isn't possible, you could use a popup window instead of the iframe.
    Good luck,

  • OK,
    I think I have solved the problem.
    See the next post.

    I copied the script+images to googlepages, because I am unable to upload them to my blogger domain and I don't like the popup.

  • And luta has also solved the problem in the original code.
    See his comments at the previous post.