Chess Publisher 2

There is a new version of Chess publisher. It is still a FREE Chess PGN viewer, but it seems that you now have to register before you can use it.

One of the problems with Chess Publisher was the need to press the ‘Replay Game‘ button first. Now a new version of Chess Publisher has been written in which they have removed the ‘Replay Game’ button to make it more “user friendly”.

Another change is that if the move text is very long it will now ‘wrap under’ the board. In the older version the space under the diagram is just blank.
I think that these improvements are rather important and this is now my new favorite. Even the variations went rather well, but the lay-out of the moves may need some improvement.

Update Januari 2010
Chess Publisher 2 as well as the complete Chesspublisher site isn't available anymore and I haven't made a screendump of this post to show you.