On ChessPasteBin a tool can be found to share chess games. The tool is based on JsPGNViewer, which can also be used if you are able to include the jsPgnViewer.js in your webpage.

The game is the same game as in the previous post, but now the moves are click-able and the comments can be added. However we still are unable to show the variations and some copying and pasting as well as a dependency on another website is involved.

Update september 2009
The game has disappeared so I decided to upload the game again, but to use an image taken from a screen-dump instead of the original iframe.

  • greetings. i, too, have wrestled with this same game publishing riddle, and, as yet, have found no satisfactory solution.

    good so see you around, and thanks for linking up. im on vacation, at home, and have many a post warming in my draft folder, two substantially done for publication in the next three to six days.

    have you formally organized a classic chess game file? i have. if you need or want a copy, please let me know: 1,663 games in CBV format, substantially clean data. most of the classic game collection books.

    regards, david