Dynamic HTML Chess PGN Viewer

Recently this site was mentioned at Chess Improvement, which made that I had a look at this site and found two examples of the use of a the Dynamic HTML Chess PGN Viewer on a WordPress site. The most interesting example was this game. This looks like a very nice and promising way to publish chess games on a blog, but at first sight there are three rather large disadvantages:

  1. You have to be able to host the pgn, javascript, php and html files on a site.
  2. PHP has to be supported on this site
  3. The use of an iframe to get this done, makes that all the code has to be loaded within each iframe
Summarize: I think that this can not be used on a blogspot/blogger site, but if you host your own WordPress site it may be interesting to further look at this alternative.

It's probably not needed to mention here, but in case you are new and haven't read the previous posts: The BlogSpot Chess Game Viewer from this site can be used on these Blogger/Blogspot sites.