How to use images uploaded by Blogspot?

To become really independent from other sites you may also want to use images of chess pieces that you have uploaded by Blogspot/Blogger and are stored in Picasa.

This can also be done.

  1. Just create a new post. Add all the images that you need to this post and when you are finished save it without publishing. You may publish this post, but there is no need to bother the visitors of your site with a post of these images.
  2. Now you have to edit the JavaScript code and edit the array urlpcs in such a way that it contains the urls to the pieces you have uploaded in the previous step.
  3. In addition you'll have change the JavaScript code in such a way that the variable pcsdir gets the empty string value

There are some disadvantages:
  1. It will not be easy to change the images you use between posts.
  2. It will be more difficult to keep the JavaScript code up to date, but at this site I have done it as a kind of exercise (to check that it really worked).
  3. It's a lot of work
But I still think that it's important that it can be done, even if it's currently not advised to do so. This in combination with including the JavaScript in your theme, makes that your site is running solely on Blogspot.