New functionality

This blog started as a search for a good chess publishing method for Blogspot and other sites and now seems to end up as the home of a new chess publishing method, called the Blogspot Chess Game Viewer.
This method meets all original requirements, but now I know that I even have more wishes, so I am going to continue the development of this viewer. However I am still interested in alternative methods, because the main goal is still to find the ultimate chess publishing method. Earlier I have written this overview of Chess Publishing methods.

The main drawback of the first version of the Blogspot Chess Game Viewer was probably the use of the coded moves. In the latest versions these coded moves aren't necessary anymore and the coded moves are generated by the JavaScript itself, but at the moment there are still some known limitations with this coded moves generation.
In addition there is a (large) wishlist for new functionality, but I invite you to add more wishes in the comments on this post.