Smothered Mate

This post is intended as a demonstration of the Chess Game Viewer that we have configured in the previous posts. I have used some different styles to show that you can change the lay-out and the colour of the fonts.

Smothered mate!

  • Couldn't followed you this time :) I hope there will be a future post about how to embed the codes that we created with palview into our blogs.

    Thanks for these stuff again.

  • You can embed comments between the moves by placing them between curly brackets. These comments may contain HTML-code, which enables you to add paragraphs or to change the lay-out.

  • Aha :) Made it this time I guess.

    I must admit it looks very useful and also user friendly. Just one more question what if our analysis are a long one. Is there a way to make it look like

    Thanks a lot!

  • Personally I don't like frames within a post and the current code doesn't offer a possibility to scroll the moves while showing the board at the same position.
    My suggestion is to split it up and use two chess boards. The second game can start at for example move 17 and the reader won't even notice the split-up. I'll show this as an example in one of my next posts.

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