Mate in three

The moves above will be shown as soon as you make the correct move or after three wrong attempts. You can make a move by clicking at a piece followed by clicking the target square.

This mate in three diagram is only used as an experiment of this new chess publishing method.

  • I would like know how you control display of moves in Mate in Three till one attemp1ts .
    Can comments pop-up only when you reach to that point? See entry Solution to opening puzzule 1 using method.Chess theatre is also a good PGN-viewer.
    Arun Singh

  • show us how to post the Viewer and multiple game in one applet,please!

  • Can u show us the code used to publish this puzzle.How could we do for our own puzzle.Thx anyway.

  • language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">Game(1k5r/1P2q3/1Q6/7p/6p1/6P1/2R4P/7K1','bq@B{|@@Bz@Bsz@@C{@A','{A mate in three problem. It’s white’s turn}1.Rc8+ Rxc8 2.Qa7+ Kxa7 3.bxc8=N+',2,1,3,"Mate in three");

    what's wrong with this code?

  • @ChessCoach
    The current code is limited to the comment pop-up after the first move.

  • @c4d4e4f4

    At first sight you should at least replace 1k5r/1P2q3/1Q6/7p/6p1/6P1/2R4P/7K1'
    '1k5r/1P2q3/1Q6/7p/6p1/6P1/2R4P/7K1 1'

    (add the initial move number and take care that the hyphens match)

  • Hi Chess Teacher, could u please look at my posting below and tell me where did I go wrong in it's code applied? Thx a lot.

    The link :

  • @c4d4e4f4

    You have to add the coded moves as well as a closing bracket.

    The corrected code is:

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">Game('1k5r/1P2q3/1Q6/7p/6p1/6P1/2R4P/7K 1','qA@BFA@@PG@B@G@@HA@F', '{This is a solution for last posting puzzle position.Please note that it is White\'s turn to move } 1.Rc8+ Rxc8 2.Qa7+ Kxa7 3.bxc8=N+ 1-0',1,1,3,"white wins")</script>