Mission accomplished

I suppose that my search for a way to publish chess games on a blogspot site has been successful as you can see in the previous posts. The mission has been (at least partly) accomplished.

Now the solution meets the following requirements:

  • A chess board that shows the position after each move
  • The moves are shown
  • Clicking on a move shows the position on the board after this move
  • Autoplay
  • It should be able to add variations
  • Comments between the moves are possible
  • Based on entering PGN-like moves
  • Without the need to copy and paste all kind of code
  • And not depending on the site of another person or company.

At the moment I haven't looked at the following wishlist
  • A possibility to hide the moves (= solution) for puzzles
  • Everything integrated within a single blogspot template

The original requirements can be found in this older post.