New Fide rating

The new FIDE rating list has been published.

The list with the top 100 players only contains Grandmasters with the exception of number 78 on this list: Vladimir Afromeev, with only the title FIDE Master. This is rather remarkable, since you should have at least a rating of 2624 to be on this top 100 list.

Who is this Mr.Afromeev, whose birth year is listed as 1954?
I have found him in Chess Today of 3 september 2001:
It seems that he is a local businessmen from Tula (city about 120 km from Moscow) who has decided first to get and then to raise his Elo.

That guy - Mr. Vladimir Afromeev - has been so successful in his
fraud, that he now has an international rating of 2520! I call it a fraud,
because many know that the some of the tournaments, which he 'organised' never took place, while in some others certain players threw points at Mr. Afromeev.

By the way, at some point Mr. Afromeev decided that his personal driver
should have Elo rating too. (who wants un-rated drivers nowadays?!). Now that guy has a rating in excess of 2440. Mr. Afromeev is even claimed to have said that if he wanted, his cat would get a rating like that too!

But now I know something about Mr. Afromeev I'm curious about the rating of his driver and his cat.

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