Chesstempo tactics seems to be a rather new site and they are offering a rather nice PGN viewer. However I was unable to use it on this blog site, because you need to upload the PGN-file first. But I liked the way the pieces were moving very much.

On the mentioned website a Chess Tactics page can be found, which seems to use the same PGN viewer to solve tactics puzzles. This is somewhat similar to the more familiar Chess Tactics Server.

Both links may be worth visiting if you want to train some tactics, but the ultimate PGN-viewer has not been found yet.

  • You should be able to use the viewer by using the pgnString config option which allows you to specify the pgn directly in your html page whithout requiring your to upload a pgn file.

    There is an example at:

  • @ Richard

    I've tried this but the link of type text/css, rel stylesheet and external css is not allowed on blogger:

    Do you have an example to use on blogger?