ChessLoser's Blog

Chess Blogs are a very useful source of chess information. Most of these blogs are from chess players that are working actively on chess improvement and are writing about their successes and failures. Some are very serious, while other blogs are very humorous.
One of the most humorous blogs is the one from Chess Loser. It is called hardcore pawnography.
A quote of a part from one of these articles will make this clear.

I'm just like Tal, only I lose
as i study and play, i notice how my style is evolving and changing, and i notice my style is a lot like GM Tal, with his crazy cavalier attitude, his macho bravado laden sacrifices, his almost wreckless, “i don’t give a fuck” attitude. the only difference, really, between him and me is, he knew what he was doing, he calculated and analized and had a plan, and he won the majority of his games, where as i have the wreckless sacrificing down pat, the bravado, but i don’t back any of it up with sound play or a halfway decent plan, i often fail to see the consequences of my moves, and then i lose miserably. but, every once in a while, i catch someone on a bad day, and it works out for me, like in this game here.